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Keeping The Kids Safe

JustJulie-Admin | Published on the fri Jul 09, 2021 9:04 pm | 133 Views

Life of a Property Manager 

Well, 2.5 years ago I thought it was going to be writing out rent receipts and being bored. It's not.

But now it's turning into a keep the kids safe crusade for me. We have a rogue tenant that apparently thinks its normal to just go into someone's apartment and take a small child by the hand and take off walking!! Where I come from, that is kidnapping. 
If you would like to help my tenants keep their families safe, please sign this petition.
Petition Protect Our Kids Community (

You can also further educate yourself, and your families by going to a really great website I found today -- Smart Social - Digital Citizenship & Social Media Safety He talks about keeping your kids, students... safe on social media platforms and how pretators use Snapchat to locate kids gain their trust.

It's really sad 

when you see someone repeatidly doing wrong; arrested over and over and over. And the local authorities are completely aware of someone's mental health and still nothing is done. 
I really do not get it. Tenants come to me for help. But I am not the police. This is not a gated community or anything like that. It is public low income govt housing. And I wish that I could do more. 

This woman needs to be in a facility. Everyone in the community is afraid of her. Older kids are scared and get a weird feeling around her. They are uncomfortable. She has gotten worse and worse over the past 2 years. And police, counselors, DFS, everyone is aware that she is out of control and possibly schizophrenic... But they just talk to her.

This kidnapping incident -- because lets just be real and call it what it is! She was arrested and then let out the next morning??? 

I'm going to see if there is more literature online that I can print out and post in the laundry rooms and such.

7-12-2021 --- I am very happy to report that the petition is doing great. I'm so proud of my tenants for signing and commenting and also for sharing the link for others in the community to sign and comment. 
As of today there are 23 signatures.


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